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AMCIS 2011

Advancing understanding, identifying future issues and solving business problems is a shared goal between IT professionals, researchers and future workers (students). The new Business Academic Exchange (BAE) forum at AMCIS 2011 offers a unique opportunity for business executives and academic researchers to work together to identify and address key business challenges through IT.
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Business Academic Exchange

Business Academic Exchange is a unique forum where business executives and academic researchers can interact to address key business challenges.
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Community Academic Exchange

The Community Academic Exchange (CAE) is an academic program modeled to facilitate student interaction with business, nonprofit, and government actors for the dual purpose of: offering applied learning opportunities for students and delivering quality solutions to problems posed by the community
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Health Academic Exchange

Health Academic Exchange is a forum for healthcare industry professionals and academic researchers to discuss anticipated changes in the healthcare industry in preparation for the Health Academic Exchange Conference on May 9, 2013. Thought leaders in the Southeast Michigan and others are invited to surface issues/challenges, discuss case studies, recommend best practices and surface opportunities by submitting an abstract for presentation consideration by Jan 31st, 2013.
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